Head of the Department

Head of Department Welcome Note

         Dr. Zena Mpenda

Welcome to the Department of Trade and Investment (DTI), one among the four Departments in the College of Economics and Business Studies (CoEBS), Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). The Department is principally playing key role of teaching, scientific research and outreach mission of the University.

The Department currently is  preparing to offer short course programs and seeks to contribute to achieving national development in trade and investment. In so doing the Department is envision to create a teaching and learning environment that foster dedication, cooperation and reward for hard working, initiative and creativity while embracing the highest level of profession ethics, openness, fairness and honesty.

The department has 11 competent staff in the areas of natural resource economics, farm management, Agribusiness, agricultural policies, agricultural development, economics of food safety standards in agro-food exports, agro-processing; international food standards; tariff and non-tariff barriers, agricultural value chain development, production economics, econometrics, sustainable food systems, climate change economics, market analysis, farm risk analysis, smallholder commercialization and livelihood analysis.

Staff members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded. They have been conferred with many prestigious awards at national and international levels. Several staff members serve on the editorial boards of national and international journals, review technical articles for journals on a regular basis, and organize national and international conferences.

This website provides an overview of the academic programs, research activities of our department, profiles of staff members, and details of student activities. We hope that whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, or work in industry, or another university, or a visitor, you will find this website to be informative.

If you have further questions after browsing this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also correspond with individual staff members, or contact them by email, using the addresses shown.

Thank you for visiting us.