CoEBS Benefits from the Building Stronger Universities (BSU) Programme

The Building Stronger Universities (BSU) Programme, which is funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), has brought numerous advantages to the College of Economics and Business Studies (CoEBS) at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Tanzania. Among the benefits is the enhancement of the college’s physical infrastructure through the construction PhD classrooms, lecture halls,  which has created a conducive learning environment for students and has contributed to the improvement of education quality at CoEBS.
SUA Benefits from the Building Stronger Universities (BSU) Programme
Moreover, CoEBS has accessed training opportunities in research methods, curriculum development, pedagogy, and entrepreneurship through partnerships with Danish universities under the BSU programme. The programme has also sponsored several students from CoEBS to pursue PhD and Masters programmes in various fields, which has helped to increase the number of highly qualified professionals in Tanzania.
Additionally, the BSU programme has provided support for research and innovation at CoEBS, including funding for research projects and the establishment of innovation hubs, enabling the faculty and students to conduct cutting-edge research and develop innovative solutions to the country’s challenges

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