Strategic Issues and Goals

COEBS Strategic Issues and Goals
Strategic issues
1. Establish infrastructure
2. Strengthening of human resources (academic and administrative staff)
3. Increasing enrolment
4. Income enhancement
5. Linkages strategic partnership and outreach
6. Improving quality
7. Communication and marketing (publicity)
8. Agricultural policy analysis

Table 1: Strategic issues, goals and strategies for COEBS


Strategic issue

Strategic goal (targets and milestones)



Improving infrastructure

Expansion and improvement of infrastructure

·      New lecture theatres

·      New Seminar rooms

·      New offices

·      Creating temporary teaching space

·      Renovating existing structures


 Increasing enrolment

1,500 students by 2020

·      New degree programmes (3),

·      increase enrolment


Income enhancement

·   Double income by 2020


·   Increase economic efficiency by 50%


·      Get 60% of students fees

·      Collect Service charges

·      Establish a business park

·      Joint venture (PPP)

·      Fund raising

·      Collecting institutional research fee

·      Seeking grants

·      Sensitise University Management to establish guidelines for allocating resources

·      Seeking loans

·      Seeking government funding

·      Being cost effective


Linkages strategic partnership and outreach

Increase and maintain linkages and partnerships

·      Strengthen existing ones

·      Establish new linkages


Improving quality

ISO 9000 certification by 2020 

·      Comply with ISO standards

·      Performance contract developed/established

·      Establishing M&E unit

·      Establish School  quality assurance committee

·      Develop quality assurance protocols

·      Develop service charter


Communication and marketing (publicity)

Increase visibility and publicity by 2020

·      Establishing communication and marketing unit

·      Establishing the School website

·      Conducting promotional events

·      Produce promotional materials

·      Radio programs

·      Program for converting teaching pamphlets into text books for students

·      Annual intellectual forum at the School 

·      COEBS online journal (indexed)

·      Program to assist COEBS staff to attend professional workshops and conferences at national and regional level

·      Revive AGREST

·      Promote TAGRESA

·      Start COEBS football team that participate in appropriate national league.

·      Donations/Corporate Social  responsibility

·      Promoting COEBS to secondary schools

·      Improve internal communication at all levels


Agricultural policy analysis

Produce at least 3 policy briefs per annum


·      Mobilize research funds

·      Establish policy analysis unit

·      Build capacity in policy analysis 

·      Strengthen dissemination mechanisms


Strengthening of human resources (academic and administrative staff)


To increase Human resource to comply with TCU student-instructor ratio


Improve quality of staff

·      Recruit part time lecturers

·      Hiring staff using internally generated income

·      Use of exchange program with various institutions

·      Improve incentive package using internally generated funds

·      Training of staff using internally generated income or scholarships 

·      Implement succession plan

·      Make use of diaspora

·      Retooling