CoEBS Faculty Members among Facilitators in BoT’s Certified Professional in Agricultural Finance Program

Increased financial services and lending in Tanzania’s agricultural sector have highlighted ongoing demand and supply challenges. These challenges hinder the effectiveness of agricultural lending. This situation presents an opportunity to provide sustainable education in this area.

With funding from the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB), the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) Academy developed a sustainable education curriculum specifically for financial service professionals working in agriculture.

The newly established certificate program in Tanzania, offered by the BoT Academy, provides continuing education in the areas of finance, banking, and economics.

To deliver training to its clients, the BoT Academy recruited facilitators from various fields. For the agricultural finance program, they approached Prof. Daniel Ndyetabula, Dr. Felix Nandonde, and Mr. Lubango Mayenga, all members of the College of Economics and Business Studies (CoEBS) academic staff. These individuals were invited to participate as co-facilitators.

The first training program lasted two weeks, with the first graduating class completing the program on May 3, 2024.

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