COEBS’s External Examiners Share Recommendations for Improving Academic Performance

COEBS’s external examiners, Dr. Aggrey Kihombo and Prof. Agnes Mwakaje held an exit meeting with the college’s academic staff on Friday, August 18, 2023 at the COEBS computer room to mark the conclusion of their term as external examiners for the college. The meeting was held to discuss the academic standards, students’ exam performance, and general assessment of the courses offered by COEBS.

The examiners shared a brief presentation on the key areas of discussion as highlighted below.

1. Academic Standards: During the presentation, the external examiners discussed several key aspects related to academic standards. This encompassed the formulation of examination questions, the pass rates achieved by students, and the quality of course outlines. The importance of well-structured course outlines that effectively communicate the learning outcomes was underscored, as well as, setting of questions reflecting global challenges so as to give students practical knowledge and skills.

2. Students’ Performance in University Exams: A comprehensive assessment of students’ performance during the university exams held in July 2023 was presented. The examiners delved into factors such as pass rates, the clarity of answers provided in answer scripts, and the proficiency of language used by students. Constructive feedback on how to enhance students’ performance was shared.

3. General Assessment Procedures: The examiners introduced recommendations to streamline the overall assessment process. They emphasized the significance of compiling all pertinent evaluation materials into a single file, including the course outline, examination question papers, marking scheme, and result spreadsheets. Clear grading guidelines within the marking scheme were stressed, and it was recommended that marking schemes be typed for clarity and consistency.

Upon concluding the presentation, Dr. A. Kihombo and Prof. A. Mkwaje proceeded to share their overarching recommendations aimed at bolstering academic standards at the college:

  • Inclusion of Local Literature: The examiners suggested the integration of local literature into course reading lists, enriching the academic experience and providing contextually relevant local content knowledge.
  • Guest Speakers and Industry Knowledge: They recommended inviting guest speakers from relevant industries to impart practical knowledge to students, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application.
  • Enhanced Course Outline Presentation: Proper arrangement and precise articulation of learning outcomes within course outlines were deemed essential for effective curriculum delivery.
  • Emphasis on Practical Learning: The examiners encouraged hands-on activities to provide students with practical skills and experiences, thereby enhancing their preparedness for real-world challenges.

The exit meeting concluded with closing remarks delivered by Dr. Felix Nandonde, speaking on behalf of the COEBS Principal. Dr. Nandonde urged the academic staff to take heed of the recommendations provided by the external examiners and consider their implementation for the betterment of COEBS’s academic environment.

As COEBS continues its commitment to excellence, the process of selecting new external examiners is already underway. Once the selection process is finalized, the new examiners will be formally introduced to the academic staff of the college.


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